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What Every Woman Needs (Ziva/Abby friendship, NCIS)

Alright, here we go: I'm about to blow up some computers. :D

cross-posted to ncisfanfic and zivadavid

Title: What Every Woman Needs
Rating: PG
Category: Friendship, Humor, Post-Ep
Genre: Gen
Pairing: None! Believe it or not.
Summary: Ziva has a solution for Abby's problem.
Spoilers: Post-"Skeletons."
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Oneshot. Probably. Pretty short.

Abby spun around to face the intruder in her lab, expecting to see a silver-haired Gibbs, rather than the curly-headed Ziva she faced. She smiled at the other woman. “Hey, Ziva. What’s up?”

Ziva opened her mouth to respond, but Major Mass Spec whistled for Abby to come play, so she closed it again. Abby directed the younger woman with a sweep of her arm to join her across the lab, which she did.

“I was thinking about your dilemma,” Ziva started as she walked over to the Major’s station. “And I think I may have a solution.”

Abby pressed a few buttons on the Major’s panel and turned back to Ziva. “You’re going to have to be a little more specific, Ziva. What problem of mine are you proposing to solve, Ms. David?”

Ziva gave her a questioning look, realized she was simply restating her own sentence and shook her head clear. Abby sure was confusing sometimes. “Your shoes.”

Abby narrowed her eyes. “What is wrong with my shoes?”

Ziva’s eyes widened. “Nothing. But you suggested your shoes were causing you some troubles, yes?”

Abby’s mouth fell open as Ziva’s intent was made clear to her. “Aww, Ziva!” She came at her to embrace her in a hug, leaving Ziva surprised, unsure of how to react. “That’s so sweet that you remembered!” She pulled back, looking into Ziva’s face. “I’m listening, Ziva. Solve away.”

Ziva smiled, slightly flustered, and wormed her way out of Abby’s grasp, walking across the lab. “Every woman needs practical shoes, yes?”

Abby shrugged. “I suppose. You’re not gonna tell me to start wearing sneakers, are you? Or those ‘comfort pumps’? Because really, I don’t think anyone actually finds high heels comfortable. Unless they’re my boots, which is a completely different story.” Ziva stared blankly at her until she finished rambling. “Right. Sorry. Continue on.”

Ziva shook her head of Abby’s madness and continued. “I think what you need are . . .” She paused for dramatic effect. “Combat boots.”

Abby didn’t say anything for a minute and Ziva prompted words from her mouth. “Well? How does it sound?”

Abby finally nodded, thinking. “Combat boots. Yeah. I think I can dig that. I mean, they aren’t as goth as my boots, or as cool,” Ziva frowned, “but they are pretty bad ass.” She smiled broadly. “Thanks, Ziva! I think you may have in fact solved my problem.”

Ziva gave her friend a warm smile in return. “It is not a problem, Abby. I am sure you would have done a similar thing for me had I asked.”

“You bet I would!” Abby exclaimed, still grinning. Then, suddenly, her expression changed to one of worry. “You’re not having any problems, shoe-wise or other, are you? Because you know if you’re ever in need of anyone to talk to – about absolutely anything, Ziva, I’m not squeamish – you can come to me.” She embraced the Israeli woman in another hug, causing Ziva to let out a tiny squeak of protest.

“No, no, Abby, I can assure you I am fine,” she breathed out, still under Abby’s tight clasp. “Can you please let me go?”

“Oh, right, sorry,” Abby said, releasing her. Ziva blinked a few times, then focused her eyes on Abby again. “So, now what?”

Ziva grinned mischieviously. “Now, we go shopping.”



Heh! I liked this. It read in a way that TPTB could actually work this into an episode with no trouble.
Thank you! That's the best kind of compliment when it comes to fanfic. :)
I had a feeling you would approve. :)
*loves on*
Dude, you write them so totally well, I could see that.*squee*

Omg! I forgot to tell you earlier, we have a radio channel called Sophie now, they play everything, and when I turned it on earlier, they were playing "27 Jennifers". They said it was coming out on the new album though, so my question is if he's releasing a new version. It sounded a bit different but I only caught the last 30 seconds or so. :(
*smirks* I can SO see this happening...

Will add it to the next big update...right around Thanksgiving...