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Mark of an Assassin (NCIS)

cross-posted to ncisfanfic and zivadavid

Title: Mark of an Assassin
Rating: G
Category: Gen
Genre: Gen
Pairing: None!
Warnings: None.
Summary: She was a professional.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Written for the second skills challenge on NFA, to write a short descriptive passage (no dialogue, no thoughts) from 100-300 words. And I am predictable with the main character. :p

The bullet exploded from the pistol with a deafening bang, a motion that would have left most shooters jolting backwards from the velocity, yet this particular weapon handler remained unfazed. She was a professional.

She reached down into a pocket on the side of her cargo pants, retrieving another clip and reloading the gun. Every movement was smooth, like the bullets themselves. Her mouth was set in a thin line, registering no emotion, as she squeezed the trigger again, sending another chunk of metal flying across the shooting range, where it tore through a paper cutout of a man – right in the goodies.

The female shooter finally allowed a smirk to cross her face over the placement of the bullet, and set down the gun. She removed the protective earphones and turned to exit the shooting stall, but had a moment of hesitation and deftly reached down to her leg again.

This time, her actions drew shocked gasps and faces across the range of shooters. Her smirk grew wider and she swaggered out, leaving the assortment of men inside gawking after her.

One of the gawkers ran over to her station, reeling in the cutout with a loud protesting squeal of the rusty rails on which the targets hung. Pierced dead center through the cutout’s chest was a Mossad issue knife.


*sighs and huggles you* Yays! Ziva gun!pr0n... *smirk*
Heh. Oh my. I totally giggled when I first got this comment. But I was too lazy to respond then. :p Now I'm waiting for my roommate to get home so I can get some freaking pictures in my costume, roar. She said she was going to be home tonight, but so far, no sign. ANNOYING.

But what is not annoying? I wrote a crack!fic a bit back & forgot to post it here. So that I shall be doing shortly. YOU WILL LOVE IT. ♥
Heheheh, lol! *kicks your roommate* I want pics gorramit! *pouts pathetically* (which btw, if you have myspace my halloween pics are up over there... http://www.myspace.com/serenitymeimei in the costumes album. photobucket is being overly annoying today, so you'll have to wait for LJ. but guess who i was?... a particular ADHD goth that we all know and LOVE *hint hint*)

And, omg! I read that fic over on ff.net. I think and was like half-way in a coma so I didn't review. *is guilty of laziness* But, I adored it hun! So hi-larious!

♥ MeiMei
OMG, I finally have pics!! http://ncistvdotcom.proboards77.com/index.cgi?board=smackalicious&action=display&thread=1193891950&page=1 -> Hee! It was fun. I totally walked around work like that all day today. I felt so bad ass with my cuffs & boots & knife. :D

Glad you liked it! I knew you would. I was like, uh-huh, this is RIGHT up her alley!
OMFG! You make a frelling fantabulous Ziva! *huggles you* You're made of awesome!

*hearts; MeiMei
Thank you!! I thought you made quite the awesome Abby yourself. At least one other person on my f-list dressed up as Abby, too. Hee. Popular choice, I guess. :D
Okay, that was a lot of fun! I definitely liked this one. Really played off Ziva's strengths nicely...

Will add to the next update...
Hee, glad you enjoyed it. I certainly had fun writing it. :)
Yep that's Ziva. I think you nailed it, and it was unbelievably short for that accurate.
Thank you!! I usually don't write description-only, so this was a bit different, but it was tons of fun to write. :)