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Out of Israel - Ziva character study (NCIS)

Here it is, guys. THE Ziva character study. :) I'm loving it. It's short and sweet, too, so it won't take much time to read.

Title: Out of Israel
Rating: G
Category: Character Study
Genre: Gen
Pairing: None
Summary: She hides her heart in stainless steel casing.
Spoilers: General series.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: After seeing some attempts at Ziva character studies that didn't turn out so well, I thought I would attempt the genre. Hopefully I succeeded.

She hides her heart in stainless steel casing. It’s love she’s been afraid of, and it’s why she appears pistol cold. “In Mossad . . .” she says, or, “In Israel, we have a saying . . .” It’s just a front, a wall to hide behind, an excuse for being the way she is. So cold, emotionless, like Officer Lisa in Deep Six.

It’s not that Ziva lacks emotion, but rather that she’s not sure how to express it in the “appropriate” way. It’s a cruel double-edged sword, the life of a woman in law enforcement. Show emotion and feelings, get accused of being weak and unequipped for a cop’s job; be a snarky bitch, get accused of being,well, a snarky bitch. Such is the life of Ziva David, and she tries with all her being to tread the fine line between weak and strong.

Today, she trusts her team, knows she won’t be judged by them, and foregoes the statue act. These people are more than co-workers to her – they’re her family. She smiles and laughs, screams and cries, shows the spectrum of emotion deeply embedded in her passionate soul. She still isn’t entirely comfortable with Abby’s hugs, but most people aren’t. She will, however, take the chance to unexpectedly kiss McGee on the cheek, because if there’s someone on the team more uncomfortable with random physical shows of emotion than her, it’s McGee.

It hasn’t always been easy, her time at NCIS, but she’s pushed against her obstacles, and has prevailed. She’s proven to Gibbs her loyalty in the hardest way possible, and shown the rest of the team she trusts them, and loves them, even if it is difficult for her to say. Her devotion will never falter, her faith in the team remain true, and perhaps, when she’s finally ready, her voice won’t tremble when she tells each and every one of them – Gibbs, Jen, Tony, McGee, Ducky, Abby, and even Jimmy and Agent Lee – know just how much they mean to her, how she appreciates the chance she’s been given, how much their trust keeps her going.

When she climbs into bed each night, Ziva looks up to the ceiling and says the words she’ll work up the courage to say to them all:

“Thank you.”


That turned out so amazingly well. I loved it. You definitely nailed it.
*blushes* Thank you, dear. I wanted to make it as true to her character as I could, and I figured the easiest way to do that would be through 3rd person omniscient. :D /writer nerd :p
s'okay, I know what that means. I had so much fun in my writing class last year tinkering around with those ;)
And it was so, so true to character.

btw, *loves your icon*
I figured you did. I'm just being a nerd by mentioning it, lol. But it was good for me to actually think through how I was going to write a fic for once, rather than just sitting down and starting it. I've been doing that to an extent with my sequel to Holding On (which is taking me FOREVER to write, but omg, do I love it so far). It helps.

Yeah, I know, I love that icon, too. And speaking of icons, guess who got new ones today?
Yeah.. who knew actual thoughts could help with writing?
Kidding, I'm just being silly.

Hmm, I ahven't the foggiest idea. But I do so love the "you've never seen fire until you see pele blow" one. Such an awesome song.
*smacks your ass*

Lauren, you little . . .

But yes, I totally fucking DIED when I saw that icon, b/c that's totally the line where I really start to feel the song. Seriously, I was listening to it one day and that part came on and I felt those chills down my spine or the butterflies in my stomach or whatever happened, and it was like, whoa. Crazy.
You little what? :P

Hmm yess.. I really need to listen to some Tori, my media player hasn't put any of her stuff on all day.
How fascinating!

Any chance I can link to this one on the NCIS page at Frisked & Conquered?

[Or did you give me permission to snag your stuff with credit already, and I've forgotten to add it to my list?]
Thank you!

I have given you permission to snag my stuff with credit, yes. A few times, actually, lol. But it's fine that you ask. It shows you like my stuff. :)
I'll echo Ziva's words and say, "Thank you." (Ok, that was lame, but I wrote the story, so I have permission to do it.)
Teehee, nice.
That was a very nice character piece. I adore Ziva and this felt like a very real peek into her soul.
Aww, thank you. Ziva is most definitely my favorite character (and my day-to-day journal proves that, lol) & I wanted to give her a little fanfic love, since she doesn't get many oneshots. :)